March 2022

An increase in NW after a few months of sliding.

We crossed a thin red line last month ….we have over $100k in bank accounts laying around! That’s unpardonable 😠

W got a nice bonus paid out in March. We have some plans to burn through some of that cash.

First, there is some amount earmarked for “donations” to Uncle Sam in April 😜

Second, when you look at our spending for March below, there are some eye popping numbers that we spent (on credit cards). This is planned and we will pay off the balance.

Third, the rate reset on I Bonds will happen on 1st May, and it’s increasing to 9.62%. Though some commentators are urging to lock in the blended rate of 8.54% for the next 12 months, we’re going to wait for the new rate and purchase some at the higher rate.

Here is spending for March.

We spent a sh*t ton on “Household” last month. The two biggest culprit was 1) Home insurance premium of $1,500, 2) An absurdly big TV (I promise, the viewing is a pleasure!) we got for $1,300. I’ve been following the prices of TV for a few months and a few weeks after the Super Bowl, a lot of one-time-use TVs are returned. For obvious reasons. I got this one for about $600 off. That’s a steal in my books!

The next biggest category was “Activities/Sports” which included fees paid for D’s various sporting and cultural activities, subscription for the family for a community based group, and concert tickets.

The April showers are in full swing where we are. Outdoor activities which were already supposed to have started have been postponed by a week. We are all geared up for the fun.

Hope you, readers, are keeping well. Cheers!

One thought on “March 2022

  1. Great to read what’s going on in your world! That’s a nice bonus! You deserve to spend some of it on yourself as opposed to gifting it to Uncle Sam. Even when you do spend on yourself you get a good deal. Well done! Thanks for the update.

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