Sports and the FIRE movement

In the FIRE community – and by FIRE we include fat, lean, medium, or any-other-category-that-will-crop-up-next – there seems to be a curious case of antipathy to organized team sports. Maybe antipathy is a strong word. Apathy perhaps paints a better picture.

The chosen form of exercise in the FIRE community seems to be going to the gym, running, walking, cycling, and skiing.

Notice a common them among these pursuits of physical exertion?

They are mostly done alone. Sometimes with a trainer or a friend or two.

Here is one such example, from the master, MMM himself.

Here is another example, from one of my favorite blogger, Mr. Cubert.

These are all great avenues to enjoy the outdoors, burn calories, stay in shape, experience positive effects of endorphins being released.

Teams sports are conspicuous by their absence.

What about the almost-40-year old who still wants to compete?

Compete with others, as opposed to oneself, which these individual sportsmen such as a cyclist or a runner does.  To “prove” they they still got it while scoring a goal or hauling in a TD catch. The adrenaline rush of going for a 50-50 puck and beating the other skater. The camaraderie of a bunch of like minded people playing for a common purpose – some similar age, some older, others younger. The backslapping and high fives after a win. The drowning of collective misery in beer after a sound thrashing at the hands of a team featuring 20-somethings. The “glory” of being crowned *Champions* (of a recreational league, which one one but your team cares about!)

These are noble intentions to aspire for!

Could it be a financial choice? It could be. If you think about the equipment costs for football or hockey, that could be prohibitive. The question then arises, what about sports such as soccer and basketball. You only need a pair of shoes/cleats, a ball, and a field/court. Less expensive than biking or skiing.

Could it be a factor of age? Certainly. But only if you’re edging closer to 40. Age can very well determine if you’re up for that stinging spike you were known for in high school.  There are tons of bloggers in the 20- and 30-year old range.

Could the stage of your life be playing a role? Absolutely. A thriving career, family with kids, and blogging as a side hustle, can handily take care of the 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. But if you’re able to take time off to go for a run, you should be able to go a game of touch football.

That got me thinking. Are people who actively seek out a course different from the mainstream in terms of finance, and lifestyle made by those financial choices, inherently a bit reclusive in real life.

Pedaling away miles after miles, the wind swishing by the ears, whispering ideas about composing the next 3,000 word epic on the travesty of not taking advantage of geographical arbitrage …

Conquering the powder of the black diamond with a laser focus, the focus only matched by the resolve to eliminate all extraneous costs from the monthly budget …

I know, I know. The online community is thriving. I’ve made many an e-friend. Though I’m yet to meet a fellow blogger in person, I’m fairly certain they would be great people to hang out with. I’m thinking if in real life a lot of the bloggers are introverts.

Personally, I love team sports. I play them, watch them, follow them. I got introduced to soccer when I was very young. The love for the game has only grown as I’ve grown older. I try to play at least one game during the week, every week, throughout the year. I coach kids in the local soccer club. I have held elected office in the soccer club of the last city we lived in. I follow international clubs and the national teams of powerhouse countries. I cannot imagine a life where I’m not involved with soccer.

Readers: Would love to know what you think about the idea that most bloggers in the FIRE space are not interested in playing team sports? What about you, do you play team sport?

4 thoughts on “Sports and the FIRE movement

  1. I have been a lurker around these blogs and I have to admit that I have felt the same way with a lot of these bloggers.


  2. Hey, I may not be like most bloggers but I am a total extrovert. I am new to blogging and having a ton of fun with it but it can feel lonely at times. Already I am trying to meet bloggers in person as I crave the face time.

    Blogging for me, is a way to work on developing more introverted skills. Sometimes it is good to work on what we are not naturally good at, eh?


    1. It is not only good but often essential to work on traits we’re not naturally good at 🙂

      I would definitely like to meet with bloggers in real life, especially the ones I’ve really connected with, but struggle at times with the dilemma of how much to reveal about ourselves …


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