Are we Rockstars yet?

Say it to the tune of “Are we there yet?” your kids invariably sing when you’re taking them on a road trip 😅

Our blog was recently added to the Rockstar Finance directory of all personal finance blogs. I had no idea about this aggregator site before a fellow newbie blogger mentioned it.

You can find us at the recently added list or the main list. We clocked in at #149.

Though this means that we’re officially a part of the FIRE blogosphere, we are far, far away from being the rock stars of the demography that preach sensible personal finance. There are giants in this field and we learn and incorporate the portions that applies to us, in this phase of our lives.

Which bring me to the next point. And it is a rant. For which I’m apologizing right now. Having mentioned earlier that this is a judgement free zone, the next portion is going to sound hypocritical. But the incredulity of the stated facts are just too …well, incredible, for me to not lose my mind.

While going through some of the blogs there were recently added to the Rockstar Finance directory, I came across this blog maintained by a lawyer. I will purposely not name this blog nor reveal the gender of the writer. This is not meant to vilify the person behind the blog, nor give them added eyeballs. This is meant to show how stretchable our various aims and goals are.

This person claims that they need access to a gym that charge $893. Monthly.

MONTHLY $893 gym expense. A completely discretionary expense. Let that sink in.

Despite the fact there is a student loan that is more than the average sized mortgage. Despite living in a city with high costs. Despite having a $30k car loan at 3.5%. All the above factors are perfectly fine, even when taken in aggregation. But all these debts, plus a $893 monthly spending habit is another thing.  Not only does this individual have zero qualms about it, the blogger goes on to make an astounding appeal to the readers to not cancel their own expensive gym membership. This is where it got my goat.

I am dumbstruck. I mean I’m sorry that I’m even doing this, but this affects me viscerally.


4 thoughts on “Are we Rockstars yet?

  1. Thanks, Jason!

    Yep, to each his own. When I reflected back a few days later, and had calmed down, I realized that's the maxim to follow 🙂


  2. Welcome to the Rockstar directory! If you have not already done so, make sure you request access to the private blogging forum. There is a thread specifically to request access.

    As for the gym, the spend is crazy. I doubt I can ever spend that myself. But to each his own. If this lawyer has a high income and is on track go accomplish his goals, why not spend money on what must be a top priority? Let's say this membership (I'm assuming it comes with personal training) is the only way he will exercise. Let's also say exercise and health are a high priority for him. I say go for it. He could be making $500K a year and this membership is just a drop in the bucket that keeps him healthy.


  3. hey anon or do you preferred being called nwa! thanks for dropping by my blog. joining the PF blogger sphere will super charge our net worth, i'm quite sure of that… plus congrats to your imminent huge increase in income


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