June 2022

Well, June didn’t turn May’s respite into something more πŸ™‚ Instead, our NW ended up falling by over $72k.

Few things to note:

  • Value of (all) retirement accounts fell below $900k for the first time since Mar ’21. Oof
  • Value of 529 accounts fell below $40k for the first time since Apr ’21.
  • Cash positions at $92k is still insanely high. A few reasons for that,
    • Summer months are typically low income months for M (as schools are off)
    • The *impending* recession

June has wrapped up in a spectacular burst of activities, even by our standards. Weeknights and weekends were all spent outside. We’re all sporting various levels of tan, sun burns, and sun rashes!! We were very glad to have a long and relaxing weekend of July 4th (but even that ended up with some travel to visit some family!) Activities for the spring/summer session will draw down by end of July. The next season will start back up in mid-August.

Hope you all are able to enjoy the sun. Cheers!

May 2022

Markets turned a bit positive in May with us ending up a little higher than April, where our NW plummeted by ~$100k. June, so far, is turning out to be an even bigger hole. It’s still all good πŸ™‚

Spending for May

With the current inflation, groceries, eating out/takeout, gas, and virtually everything else cost higher. We bought a new set of all weather tires for one of our vehicles.

We’re firmly in summer now. Weather wise, activities wise. School is over. Most evenings are spent outside in sporting events. Temperatures for end of May and beginning of June were pretty mild (refreshing) but the heat is turning up. We hit our first 100Β° day yesterday. Bugs are out in full swing.

Here’s wishing you all have a great summer ahead of you. Cheers!

April 2022

We “suffered” our worst month since we started tracking way back in 2017. Almost $100k in red. It’s ok though πŸ™‚

The way this first week of May is going, we’ll be down a couple of hundred thousand more soon. It’s still ok.

Spring is in full bloom here. We’re enjoying 60Β° days and cooler nights. Outdoor activities are on in full swing. Literally six nights out of 7, we are out playing/coaching. Some weeks we’ll be out all seven days. This will be the default state of affairs till end of June. Wish us luck!

Hope all you get to spend a lot of time outside. Cheers!

March 2022

An increase in NW after a few months of sliding.

We crossed a thin red line last month ….we have over $100k in bank accounts laying around! That’s unpardonable 😠

W got a nice bonus paid out in March. We have some plans to burn through some of that cash.

First, there is some amount earmarked for “donations” to Uncle Sam in April 😜

Second, when you look at our spending for March below, there are some eye popping numbers that we spent (on credit cards). This is planned and we will pay off the balance.

Third, the rate reset on I Bonds will happen on 1st May, and it’s increasing to 9.62%. Though some commentators are urging to lock in the blended rate of 8.54% for the next 12 months, we’re going to wait for the new rate and purchase some at the higher rate.

Here is spending for March.

We spent a sh*t ton on “Household” last month. The two biggest culprit was 1) Home insurance premium of $1,500, 2) An absurdly big TV (I promise, the viewing is a pleasure!) we got for $1,300. I’ve been following the prices of TV for a few months and a few weeks after the Super Bowl, a lot of one-time-use TVs are returned. For obvious reasons. I got this one for about $600 off. That’s a steal in my books!

The next biggest category was “Activities/Sports” which included fees paid for D’s various sporting and cultural activities, subscription for the family for a community based group, and concert tickets.

The April showers are in full swing where we are. Outdoor activities which were already supposed to have started have been postponed by a week. We are all geared up for the fun.

Hope you, readers, are keeping well. Cheers!

February 2022

Mar 19. Nineteen days since February ended. Better than close to the end of the month, though still couldn’t get this out before half the month is done! Baby steps …

Net worth tumbled by another ~$20k in February, following January’s massive fall. All good. We see this as an opportunity for a fire-sale.

We really should be updating the current value of our home as the county/city assessed it at almost $100k more than the number we have here. But we probably won’t.

Weather in our part of the world has turned into an unseasonable, unanticipated, and wondrously mild spring. We’ve hit 50s already and about to hit 60 tomorrow! We had our first grill out tonight.

Life has been good for us. The busy spring season with activities are poised to start so we are savoring the last few days of low key days.

Hope that all of you reading this have a blessed spring. Cheers!

January 2022

I have no clue where the month of February went. And here we stand on the penultimate day of the second month of the year 2022, trying to get the update of January in! If we were to get grades on posting updates on time, we’d end up with a big, fat F πŸ˜’

Anyway, January was a month to forget, in terms of how the markets performed, which directly correlates to how our NW is trending. More of that in February, and by the looks of the impending WWIII, for the foreseeable future. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

We started off the year with a loss of $55k which brings our NW down to the level from last October. I’m not complaining, just bench marking.

Here are our expenses from January.

Mostly expected numbers but for the Car category. We had the double whammy of paying our 6-month insurance premium for both our vehicles and we got a new set of winter wheels and tires for one of the cars. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten this sooner based on where we live – we average 50″ of snow and bitter cold every winter. Driving with this new wheels has been a dream!

I don’t remember a lot from January but our days were full – learning, doing things we like, which include a lot of (indoor) sports. The events of the last week or so is looming overwhelmingly in our minds. Our hearts go to to people of Ukraine.

Hope the next update is not too late in March and the world is a better place than it is right now.


December 2021

And we’re done with the year that was known as 2021.

Another high water mark for Net Worth and FI funds. The markets rebounded nicely from the November drop.

We’ve been slowly buying I Bonds from the Treasury. Currently they have a yield of 7.12%. The Physician on Fire has a detailed post how to buy them.

Weather in our part of the world have been a bit crazy with multiple days of below 0 highs. All par for the course though πŸ™‚ We have been able to spend some time with family and that is always nice. The holidays at the end of year were mostly uneventful and relaxing, with lots of movie and football watching.

I’ll try to get the year end post in a couple of days …one can have wishful thinking, right?

November 2021

Whew, managed to get this out before the middle of the next month!

Markets are trending downwards and is reflected in our investments.

Spending for November is right about the “average”. It seems that $3.5k to $4k is our sweet spot.

We had triple whammy expenses for vehicles last month: yearly car tab, semi-yearly regular maintenance, and a battery replacement.

Winter activities, though not as time and resource consuming but fun nevertheless, are in full swing. So are the festivities centered around this time of the year. Thanksgiving gave us an opportunity to spend quality time with extended family after a gap of one year. The end of the year will possibly yield more such days.

We are all doing well. Adults have had booster shots and child is fully vaxxed. We wish well upon others.


October 2021

Last month, we had our second largest MoM increase ever: $65k (the highest being $91k in Nov ’20). Things are humming along nicely. Oh, and we hit another milestone: our combined retirement fund is north of a million dollars! We were close in August, got derailed a bit in September, but the markets came roaring back in October.

October closed off with some mild weather. 50-60 degrees F days and low 40s nights and early mornings. We’ll gladly take this abundance of sunshine and heat! Fall sports have started but they are nowhere close to the level of summer sports.

Life is, mostly, good. One of our parents have had some potentially serious medical issues diagnosed. We’re waiting for some test results – fingers crossed.


September 2021

Yes, we’ve finally had a red month this year πŸ˜€

Markets were down about 4.8% in September, and the trend is continuing the first few days of October. A correction is way overdue but we are still not within that territory – we’ll need to get down about 10% from the most recent highs. This gives us a chance to invest some of that extra cash we have just lying around.

We had a very busy September, with school opening and then chugging along full speed. Sporting and other extra curricular activities had taken over our entire lives in September (in a good way, not complaining!) and it’s cooling off now that we are in October. The rest of this month should be relaxing.

Months such as September really makes us think how M retiring from the humdrum of corporate life has been such a blessing for us. We are able to fit in all kinds of practices and games schedule without W having to feel rushed to get office work done and then worrying about running about or dinner. We are grateful to be in the position that we are.

For for our expenses for the month ….

Had quite an unexpected major expense last month. We suddenly found the a small portion of the basement carpet damp. Upon investigation it turned out that the water heater was leaking and some water had seeped in under the carpet. Got the plumber/heating guys immediately the next day, and the verdict was: we need a new water heater. They were able to get it replaced the same day. Sticker price: $5,345.

If we take that out, expenses this month was about average. Though our spending on eating out/takeout is creeping up.

Weather here has been fabulous. We’re still experiencing 70 degrees days. We’ll take it as long as we get it!

Here’s hoping your fall is shaping up nicely. Cheers!