July 2019

A quietly steady month for us. Markets have been doing their upward trajectory. There is a big group of people who think a correction is due, including me. It could come in a couple of months, in a couple of weeks, or we could be in the middle of one right now. Who knows? That’s why we keep investing every week, every month.

Major expense for last month was our semi-yearly auto insurance premium for $839. Obviously an expected expense, and we plan and save for this throughout the year.

Other than that, summer has been treating us well. We have a few short travels – extended weekend – planned for this and next month. Life is good.

2 thoughts on “July 2019

  1. You passed us on the investment front. That’s the disadvantage of sitting on the sidelines. If we were both contributing significantly into our retirement accounts, I believe we would be invested in the market. While the market is overvalued, we are diverting our extra income toward paying off debts. With only three to go, the end is certainly in sight. You continually impress me with your ability to make significant payments against your mortgage and car and keep up paying yourself into your retirement accounts. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Yeah, the ability to pay an extra $3,000 towards the mortgage every month, without any strain, is quite a privileged position; we acknowledge and appreciate this. It helps that our combined monthly take home pay, after contributing fully to 401(k)-s, and taxes, is over $10k.

      But that is going to change soon! Also made me realize that we haven’t done an “Income” post for 2019. Will get the post out by late Aug or early Sep.


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