Incomes (2018)

In this post we bare our incomes.

To state the obvious, we are a two income family. Both of us have professional, corporate, desk jobs. One of us work in a large, publicly listed corporation while the other in a small, private firm. We are salaried employees getting yearly pay raises and almost-guaranteed bonuses, though the size of those bonuses vary from year to year, as do the raise percentages.

W’s base salary is $95,506
W got a bonus of $2,785

M’s base salary is $93,359
M’s bonus was $11,422

Our total yearly income is (or would be if we continued our employment till the end of the year) $203,072

Incidentally, this was the first year that W outstripped M in base salary!

That’s it, that is all our income.

Note: Why don’t we consider dividends as income? Fairly simple: All our dividends gets reinvested automatically into buying more shares of that underlying fund/ETF/stock. Dividends, at this stage of our life, are not something we use as cash.

In the near future, say, five months from now, one of our salary is going to increase by 50%. That will be a story for another day!

Note: If it isn’t clear, these are all gross numbers.

7 thoughts on “Incomes (2018)

  1. That's has been the driving force behind our blog. To be as transparent as possible with our numbers, without revealing our identities; that would be a recipe for disaster!

    A freshman class, I like it!


  2. Look, a Rockstar freshman class is forming in the comments section!

    Thanks for posting your stats. I think more transparency will be great for this community and the more of us posting incomes, expenses, and net worth the better! Showing a dozen different paths towards FI with a dozen different jobs, incomes, cities, and lifestyles will make this whole thing more believable for new readers in the community.

    Looking forward to reading more.


  3. Good to see you here, Ms. Tuppenny! Absolutely horses for courses. Every individual, and family, is like no other and they need to find their own journey. The destination will have commonalities – financial independence and living life according to our terms.

    Right on the money on the job, that is the proverbial fruit of the master's degree!


  4. Nice to meet a fellow Rockstar newbie!

    Those figures look mighty fine. We are not in your league or demographic but hey, horses for courses. Be interested to here why the 50% increase, maybe linked to the MA?


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