February 2020

Aha, the correction is here! This is going to be a fun few weeks. Or months. Who knows?!

On Friday Feb 21 the DJIA closed at 28,994. The next Friday it closed at 25,402 – the largest ever drop in any single week in its history. Naturally, our numbers are down as well.

We recorded our largest over drop in net worth, month over month, at over $47k. But …all is good. We’ve pumped in about $5k from our “dry powder” to take advantage of the dip. I’m almost hoping for a 20% correction, which would take us into official bear market. Bring it on!

Major expense for February was $1,183 we paid in home insurance premium. We decoupled the insurance payment from our escrow a couple of years ago and now use credit card to pay the premium, which is already saved for in a savings account. Another expense was regular and preemptive maintenance for one of our cars at $450.

2 thoughts on “February 2020

  1. I am catching up on blog posts. We recently took over our escrow after our home assessment came back with a huge jump for our property taxes. I figured that I would rather pay that money into a high-yield savings account than pay $150 extra per month into our mortgage escrow account. Our insurance premium will be due in July. I have not checked to see if I could use a credit card to pay the premium. Do you have to pay a fee to do this for yours? Which credit card are you using to pay yours? If I can do it, I will probably use our Citibank Double Cash Card and get 2% back. That is only if we can do it without paying a fee or paying a fee that is less than 2% of the total amount owed.


    1. Hey Mr. SoS,

      We just a use an old Visa of mine that gives 1.25% back on every purchase. Our insurance doesn’t charge a fee to pay premium with a credit card. You should pay it with whichever card gives you the most cashback.

      We should have de-coupled the taxes as well (and earn the yield from a HYSA) but haven’t done it yet.


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