April 2020

The markets clawed back some of the losses last month. We gained ~$60k from the lows of March. I still believe that we have yet to test the very low of this bear market before we got onto another bull run.

Stay-at-home orders are in effect in our state. We’re mostly hunkered down at home. And living a good life.

2 thoughts on “April 2020

  1. Dr. SoS and I have not been affected as much as most. Dr. SoS cut her schedule from four days per week to three days per week to consolidate patients. Her gross revenue is down 8% from last year when we started the year looking like she would be up 15% for the year. Our daughter attends her Montessori school on Tuesday and Thursdays, which are two of Dr. SoS’s days at her practice. I work from home 100% of the time now.

    We never really went to restaurants or movies or other things away from home. The weather has been cool and we spent more time in our many gardens. We are saving more and spending less while not having to drive all over the city for work. All in all, I would say we are also doing pretty well. Good to see you and your family are equally as well. Take care and I look forward to seeing your next blog post soon.


    1. Yes, I think this pandemic and ensuing mandatory staying at home are teaching most of us what we value the most rather the superficial fluff we have embraced in the hustle and bustle of day to day work life.

      Details of May should be interesting. Cheers to the full lives we’re living!


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