December 2018

With the markets having the worst December since the Great Depression it is not a surprise that we posted a loss in net worth. Valuation of assets are down almost $22k since November. A couple of factors prevented us from being more in the red than the $18.7k you see here.

a) Debt reduced by ~$3.2k

b) In addition to what we put in the markets in a regular month, we pumped in $1.5k more into our taxable brokerage accounts

When the markets rose the day after Christmas, we were able to ride the wave.

The big ticket expense for December was $1.2k that was spent on purchasing an international round trip flight tickets that we’ll be using to attend a wedding.

I’m looking forward to the next couple of posts, which have been in the works for sometime now, in which we will review the year, look at what we invest in, and one philosophical/opinion post on why Americans don’t save more.

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