October 2018

Ah, a real beauty of a month! Months such as this one show that the going is not always smooth. We’ve been in the midst of such a bull market that dips (not even correction) are sort of necessary to show people who joined the party in 2009 or later that the markets can fluctuate quite a bit in the short term.


We lost a tad over $14k in net worth last month. Because our retirement accounts are by far the largest asset bucket it’s no surprise these are the accounts that took the largest hit. Taxable investment accounts and 529 account are down as well. Cash reserves grew. We put in about $3k into our debt obligations.

All will be well. We’re still pumping in the same rate into our retirement and taxable accounts.

Surprisingly, the major expense of last month was ….clothes and shoes, $570 worth of them! Astounding – I know. A pair of real nice work shoes, a belt, a sport coat, a winter coat, and alterations. All of these should last for years to come.

3 thoughts on “October 2018

  1. Greetings! Thank you for the invite to take a look at your Net Worth. I really like how clean and easy to read your numbers are and that you record them to the penny.

    Your gradual increase in Net Worth is quite impressive. We average an increase of just over $10,000 per month and that includes approximately $3,000 paid to debt per month. From the numbers you shared, you are paying off about $3,500 per month in addition to increasing your liquid assets about $10,000 per month. Is your liabilities primarily just your home loan? What loan term do you have and are you applying extra amounts toward it?

    We list our liabilities in our net worth to share the specifics on the order and snowball effect on them. This is obviously not necessary if you you only have a mortgage left to pay.

    I look forward to further comparisons in the future.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      Our liabilities are the primary mortgage on our home and a car loan. You can find the details about the assets and liabilities here => https://networthanonymous.com/assets-and-liabilities/

      You’re correct – we’ve been paying down our debts by an average of $3k per month. Current outstanding mortgage principal is $211k, at 3.875% 30-year fixed. We plan to pay this off in 4 (aggressive) to 6 (at most) years, probably somewhere in the middle.

      As far recording numbers to the penny, that’s because we copy them from our accounts and paste them! They are just a snapshot on a particular day of the month, usually after the markets close on the last day of the month.


      1. Thanks for the link. That explains quite a bit. It is quite nice to see all that information in one place. We take the amounts at the close of business on the last day of the month, as well. I manually type them into a spreadsheet, though.


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