2021 in review and looking forward to 2022

A solid year for us. Our net worth increased by $289k. Our FI funds crossed over $1.2m.

Scratch that first sentence: it was a SPECTACULAR year! And this was our second full year with us going down to effectively a single-income family.

Is this the real threshold to becoming millionaires?! 😀

Since we started tracking and documenting our financial journey from beginning of 2017, we’re amazed how far we’ve come. In January 2017, our net worth stood at $458k. In 5 full years, we are at over $1.4m. That’s incredible!

We made contributions to the following accounts:

  • 401(k) – $14,157 (only for W) – a little lower than the 15k we thought we’d do
  • IRAs – $12k (combined for both) – made goal
  • Brokerage – $8,675 – handily cleared the goal of 3k
  • 529 – $2,700 – aided by Child Tax Credit advance payments, we were able to clear the goal of $2k
  • HSA – $6,200
  • Bonds – $3,000 – I-Bonds
  • Crypto – $1,066

We did manage to take a few road trips last year. One was a 3,000 mile trip to visit friends and family during the summer. Days in spring, summer, and fall were brimming with sporting activities.

We’re not going to set any goals – financial or otherwise – for 2022. Maybe we’ll be guided by the contributions of last year. One thing this pandemic has taught us is to be prepared for the unknown. For the most part of the last two years, we’ve done just that. We’ll take what this year has in store.

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