July 2018



Big ticket expenses for July:

  • $816 for semi-annual vehicle insurance premium. We have a stand-alone checking account for vehicle and home insurance premiums, in which we sock away monthly amounts
  • $260 for a bed that we bought on Amazon. We’ve been following this item for months now. The highest it has been was $640.
  • Took a extended-weekend long trip to Canada which cost about $350, including gas, hotel, and meals

Another solid and stable month. Retirement and investment accounts continue to rise, buoyed by the markets and us systematically setting money aside. Debts went down by $3.1k.

Last day at my old job was in the last week of July. It’s almost 2 weeks now and I’m loving it. I won’t be starting at the new gig till September. Now that we are temporarily down to one income, the post on August will have some screwy numbers.

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