June 2021

June was hot. The weather, I mean 🥵 We scored the hottest start – first 11 days – to June, since temperatures started being recorded, over a hundred years ago.

The markets weren’t bad. We tacked on over $25k to our NW. The next milestone is to see our retirement accounts, in aggregate, cross the million-dollar mark threshold.

We’re not publishing spending report for this month but it was over $2.6k, almost a full $1k more than May. The report for July will be interesting – stay tuned.

Summer is going well. Sporting activities from spring and early summer are wrapping up. We are reclaiming some of the evenings of the week, a great many of which were spent on the fields 🙂

So long, cheers!

2 thoughts on “June 2021

  1. It’ll be interesting to see what the market does in the second half of the year. With COVID still lurking I could see this very minor pullback continuing and the year ending with a bit of a whimper (but still a double-digit gain for the year, or close to it). Either way, just gotta keep throwing coal into the fire.


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