January 2019

Typing out the heading for this post made me wonder, “Where did the month go by??”

With this update we’re introducing a change in how we report numbers. Our Retirement bucket is by far our largest asset. We’ve decided to expand this by splitting up into 401(k) and R/T IRAs by individuals.

With the uptick in markets in January, our Net Worth is at an all-time high. Starting in January, we’re sending $3,100 in extra principal towards the mortgage. That’s a guaranteed 3.875% return! This will ensure that we’re mortgage free in 53 more months. (Possibly quicker when you factor in one-time payoffs from bonuses)

Major expense for the month was semi-annual $836 for car insurance, for both our vehicles.

2 thoughts on “January 2019

  1. I was wondering the exact same when putting our net worth together. How are we already in February? Glad to see the market helped get your Assets to an all-time high. We likewise hit an all-time high for both our assets and net worth and an all-time low for liabilities in January.

    Did you expand your retirement to split out how much you have been able to stash away in the various retirement accounts? We have my 403b, my 401a match, and an IRA and Roth IRA for my wife, Dr. SoS, and me. The IRAs and Roth IRAs are rollovers from our previous career 401k and Roth 401k accounts.

    That’s great that you are able to increase your payment on your mortgage by over $3,000 per month. That is no easy feat. With the tax law changes, it makes more sense to pay off our mortgages. Once we pay off our HELOC we plan to raise the monthly payment on the Dr. SoS’s student loan to $3,000 per month. I calculated that continuing that and then snowballing my car payment when it is paid off, we can pay off her student loan in under 7 years. Further snowballing that we would have our house paid off in under 8 years. That is the plan, anyway.

    It is incredible to think that in less than 5 years you will have no more debt. I cannot fathom how much money we will be able to save with no more debt. I imagine you considered the same when making the decision to make such a huge payment on your mortgage. Keep up the great work!


    1. The plan is to “retire” when the house is paid off 🙂 Asset wise and having the required cash flow will very possibly be covered. Only time will tell if I’ll have the guts be able to pull the trigger at that point!


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