April 2023

Net worth fell even when the markets rose last month. How did that happen?!

Read on, faithful reader(s?).

Pretty much as all investment buckets rose. Debt fell. But, cash reserve fell by a whopping $22k.

$18k went towards a down payment of a new home we are starting to build. $3k went towards taxes as Tax Day went by. $5k went towards flights, rental car, and accommodations for a summer vacation coming up. So yeah!

Wait …? What …? Rewind!

Newsflash: After about 4 years of going through various stages of just looking/actively looking/not looking at all/making an offer, we finally found the right location, builder, plan, and price to sign the dotted line.

The past month and a half have been kind of a roller coaster ride with some wild swing of emotions from exhilaration and excitement to bouts of decision fatigue and frustration. We’re not complaining though. We went down this path very knowingly and we’ll take the highs and lows of the journey. The most optimistic estimate of us moving into the new place is end of the year but likely the beginning of next year. We’ll have updates over the course of the project.

Taxes – we already had this accounted for.

Vacation – After a couple of months of closely following flight prices we finally pulled the trigger and got us tickets for an European vacation, to an expensive country. There’s about $1k more in expenses before the trip will even begin with another $2k anticipated when we are actually on vacation.

That’s about it. Wraps up a PRICEY month. Almost certainly the most outflow of cash in one month.

Weather here is getting summer-y. I type this knowing that this weekend’s weather forecast has a lot of rain and low 60s. We’ll take it.


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