May 2022

Markets turned a bit positive in May with us ending up a little higher than April, where our NW plummeted by ~$100k. June, so far, is turning out to be an even bigger hole. It’s still all good 🙂

Spending for May

With the current inflation, groceries, eating out/takeout, gas, and virtually everything else cost higher. We bought a new set of all weather tires for one of our vehicles.

We’re firmly in summer now. Weather wise, activities wise. School is over. Most evenings are spent outside in sporting events. Temperatures for end of May and beginning of June were pretty mild (refreshing) but the heat is turning up. We hit our first 100° day yesterday. Bugs are out in full swing.

Here’s wishing you all have a great summer ahead of you. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “May 2022

  1. Once that net worth number grows to these levels, you just have to get used to something like a 100k loss in a month, which is obviously INSANE in a vacuum. The cost of doing business and experiencing the other side of the coin when times are good.

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    1. Exactly! It took me a while to not fret about these notional losses. And conversely, to not be over the moon when we took in a $100k gain in a prior month. Things even out and in the long run I’ll take a 8-9% return.


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