How we slayed our student loans

This should be the last we write about student loans …we’ve written about it here and here.

This post is to give you an idea how we paid them off in about 4 years. At the end of the post you will find a Google sheet where we have painstakingly documented every penny we racked up and how we paid them off.

Granted we had a couple of things going on for us. One, both of us were working full time when we accrued these loans, so we were paying back right from the onset. Two, since we were paying them off since when they were disbursed, we avoided snowball of these loans.

To make a some things clear,

  • This is not a step by step guide on how you should pay off your debts
  • The loan balance changed over time, right from the beginning, based on when loans were disbursed and when (every month) we applied payments to them.

We started with student loans in the fall of 2014. The first disbursement was $10,250 by Navient. The second one was in spring of 2015, again $10,250, again Navient. The third one was $7,500 in fall of 2015 by Discover. The fourth one was for $7,500 in spring of 2016, by Discover. Our total loan amount was $35,500.

The fifth and final one was a consolidation of the outstanding Navient and Discover loans into a low interest Earnest loan of $ $15,284.50. This was not on top of the $35.5k but the balance left on that.

We paid a total of $4,417.25 in interest on the loan, which is about 3.11% blended rate over the 4 year period we had the loans for.

Here you go then, in glorious, excruciating details, the trail of money of our student loans.

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