Incomes 2020

This is what we we made in 2020.

  • W’s gross income: $116,144
  • M’s gross income: $23,378

Our total yearly gross income is $139,882

Almost half of the $268k we made in 2019!!

When we made decision that M would leave the high paying corporate job for low key part time jobs, we obviously knew this was bound to happen and anticipated this change. The goal was to net around $1k a month. That has been achieved, and more!

M worked a total of 8 jobs. Maybe we’ll do a post of all the jobs that are available, and not soul sucking, for part time work and can supplement in FIRE.

Even the ~$140k puts us in the top 13% of US household income!

3 thoughts on “Incomes 2020

    1. Hey Adam – I found out that I really like teaching, tutoring, and coaching sports. These made up almost 70% of my income for the year. All the while loving what I’m doing, without stress, working my own hours. Also tried my hand at jobs that I’ve never done before in my life – think warehouse work, standing on feet all day. Those were fun for a few days, and I don’t mind the physical aspect of it, but the hours of those types of jobs are not flexible. Another opportunity that I fell into, very specific to this year, was working for the Census. Loved that – combined my love of driving and helping marginalized section of the society.

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