January 2023

If the first month of the new year is anything to go by (it’s not), then we have a good year in the making!

Our NW rose by almost $77k.

January around our neck of the woods has been …grey. Yep, that’s the word. The weather is cold; very little sun; and we’ve had different kinds of precipitation – snow, sleet, and rain – sometimes all in the same day! After the year end festivities, January is always a sobering month. Just looking forward to Spring.

Here is our January spending.

We spent a substantial amount in eating out and ordering takeout in January. I’m blaming it on the weather. The car category is just the yearly insurance premium for both our vehicles. We used to pay over $1,600 in two semi-annual payments but got onto a new insurance product, from the same place, which is cheaper!

Here’s hoping less grey weather for all. Cheers!

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