February 2022

Mar 19. Nineteen days since February ended. Better than close to the end of the month, though still couldn’t get this out before half the month is done! Baby steps …

Net worth tumbled by another ~$20k in February, following January’s massive fall. All good. We see this as an opportunity for a fire-sale.

We really should be updating the current value of our home as the county/city assessed it at almost $100k more than the number we have here. But we probably won’t.

Weather in our part of the world has turned into an unseasonable, unanticipated, and wondrously mild spring. We’ve hit 50s already and about to hit 60 tomorrow! We had our first grill out tonight.

Life has been good for us. The busy spring season with activities are poised to start so we are savoring the last few days of low key days.

Hope that all of you reading this have a blessed spring. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “February 2022

  1. That increase in home value is a nice little nugget to have in your back pocket. Will make for a big net worth increase whenever you add it! How often do you update home value when tracking net worth? I’d say once a year is appropriate.

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    1. The only time we’ve updated the home valuation was in 2020 when we refinanced. Once the new proposed valuation in final, and we start pay taxes on the updated value, I will update it in our tracker.


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